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Alachua Bankruptcy Attorney & Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing Bankruptcy in Alachua

The city of Alachua lies just outside of Gainesville in Alachua County.  The city has just over 9000 residents and occupies approximately 29 square miles.  The city was developed over 100 years ago as a result of the railroad running through the area, and is now home to the largest Hare Krishna population in the western hemisphere.  The close-knit city of Alachua is still predominantly farmers and is small enough that everyone knows everyone’s name.

Financial hardships and tough economic times can still impact the lives of the residents of Alachua, and create the need for an Alachua Bankruptcy Attorney.  Financial hardships can result from the loss of a job, the reduction of wages or hours, an illness, or medical bills that can result in not having the income to pay all monthly bills.  When monthly bills go unpaid late fees can begin to pile up and the borrower may soon encounter repossession, wage garnishment, or even foreclosure.  An Alachua bankruptcy attorney can help the people of Alachua assess their current situation and decide whether the situation can be easily remedied or whether they need more help.

If the hardship is not easily fixed with careful budgeting and money management, then an Alachua bankruptcy lawyer may be needed to help file chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  While chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy work in different ways, they can provide debt relief to the citizens of Alachua when they have run out of options and are in need of a fresh start financially.  Both chapters of bankruptcy can stop repossession of assets, wage garnishment, and even put a stop to the foreclosure process.  Because chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy work in different ways they are right for people in different situations, and an Alachua bankruptcy attorney should be consulted with to help determine which chapter of bankruptcy will be the best fit for each individual.

An Alachua bankruptcy can be a stressful process filled with paperwork, crunching numbers, and specific rules, that can be difficult to adhere to perfectly for someone without a lot of knowledge or experience with the bankruptcy process.  An Alachua bankruptcy attorney can help the people of Alachua throughout the bankruptcy process and ensure that their bankruptcy is completed successfully.

If you are in the Alachua area and feel you may need the help of an Alachua bankruptcy attorney, call the Law Offices of Justin McMurray.

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