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Archer Bankruptcy Attorney & Bankruptcy Lawyer

Archer Bankruptcy

Archer is a small city in southwest Alachua County named after James T. Archer, who was Florida’s First Secretary of State.  The close-knit community developed along the railroad, like many central Florida communities, and maintains its history and small town charm.  Archer is home to just over 1300 residents and is the hometown of the famous musician Bo Diddley.

The people of Archer still encounter difficult financial times and financial hardships that may require the assistance of an Archer bankruptcy attorney.  Tough financial times can happen in any number of ways, but mostly commonly occur because of a job loss, reduction in income, illness or medical problem, or other unexpected expenses that cause monthly income to drop below the monthly expenses.  After that happens, bills cannot be paid on time and accounts begin to go delinquent, leading to the repossession of assets, garnishment of wages, and possibly foreclosure of a home.  With the help of an Archer bankruptcy attorney the people of Archer can find a way out of these difficult financial times.

An Archer bankruptcy lawyer can help the citizens of Archer determine the severity of their financial difficulties and whether filing for bankruptcy may be an option.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy both offer debt relief solutions, but work differently and are designed for different people in different situations.  An Archer bankruptcy attorney can explain the differences between chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy and how they can help a specific individual.  They can also explain how filing bankruptcy affects an individual’s credit score and what it means for the future.

Filing for bankruptcy in Archer can be a long and difficult process for an individual that does not have any knowledge of bankruptcy or experience with the bankruptcy process.  An Archer bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help the citizens of Archer understand all of the paperwork, deadlines, and rules that go into the bankruptcy process and walk them through the filing so that the bankruptcy is filed correctly.

If you have experienced a financial hardship and are struggling to pay your monthly bills, then call the Law Offices of Justin McMurray today and schedule your FREE bankruptcy consultation with an Archer bankruptcy attorney.


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